If you prefer the artworks to be done in the traditional way, our drawing table is always ready! We can draw it using soft pastel, pencil and ink. The visible ink marks and texture of the soft pastel evokes a hand made quality.    Styles may vary depending on the artist’s technique, and we always strive for the best to translate the likeness of the photo to our artwork! Browse your best  photos now and decide if you want the caricature in splashes of color…or you want a timeless monochromatic black and white drawing  done in pencil and ink.


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Using the computer, pen and tablet, we can quickly create hand drawn caricature with brilliant colors. You can also add some text and we will choose the right fonts for your messages. Let us customize the body and background so it can tell something unique about your special someone.The drawings are done in digital file so if you need more than one copy, we can easily replicate it for you!





We always have different rates to fit your budget! To inquire about the rates you may do any of the following:

• E-mail
• Direct message Facebook Page: KARIKATYUR PORTRAITS
• Send a text message to 0917.897.7456